Monday, May 18, 2009

Starberry Berryberry Pinkberry Greenberry Moonberry all these berries!!!

It's been a while and I must apologize but I have been bit swamped and am trying to make it up so I present you Starberry. I just had it too and reporting it immediately!

42-11 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, NY 11104
(718) 786-4775

Listen, before you say anything else, I was into Korean style frozen yogurt since 2003 AND my first experience happened in Korea. So ladies and gentlemen, I know my frozen yogurt. I loved it when these Korean Americans decided to start a frozen yogurt company and the imitators are following suit. More choices for me and you!

So, here is my intake about this place. Starberry sounds so much like Pinkberry and taste so much like it too. Run by Koreans too, just like Red Mango with these nutty Koreans going nut so over fruity name. Love the imitation (and so typically Korean), but out of the three I prefer Red Mango but since RM is nowhere to be found in Sunnyside unless I go to Flushing, I can be somewhat be content with this one.

As I've mentioned Starberry tastes like Pinkberry which tends to be on the tarty side. It hits your mouth with a cold icy sour taste that can give you more jolt than a cup of coffee. RM has more of a "cleaner" taste per my friend (I can't get all the credit) but the texture is creamier.

The price is bit ridiculous. Large cost $5.69 including tax! Topping was $2.00. Are they nuts? Do they think they are in Manhattan? The beauty of being in 4 other boroughs of NYC is to have good things in less outrageous price! The baked goods were any better with the prices. I may take a trip to Flushing to some shopping and fill myself with Asian bakery. (Have you tried Paris Baguette? Don't get me started. It taste better than the ones in Korea.)

So we made our own topping with chocolate bunny - sorry bunny - and saved myself some money. Ha.

My friend and I had a craving and I completely forgotten my camera to take some pictures of the place. But never fear, I plan to visit this place again and will take pictures of the interior for your viewing pleasure.

I need to try their bubble tea and the gelato but I have no inclination to trying the baked goods.

I think I am all over the place with today's blog. It may be because I just had it and the jolt is causing me to go off course. Who knows. Oh for fun, I am trying to think of many compound berries words as possible and maybe get a copyright!

Tinkleberry (from my friend while in the bathroom)

Any more???