Monday, May 18, 2009

Starberry Berryberry Pinkberry Greenberry Moonberry all these berries!!!

It's been a while and I must apologize but I have been bit swamped and am trying to make it up so I present you Starberry. I just had it too and reporting it immediately!

42-11 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, NY 11104
(718) 786-4775

Listen, before you say anything else, I was into Korean style frozen yogurt since 2003 AND my first experience happened in Korea. So ladies and gentlemen, I know my frozen yogurt. I loved it when these Korean Americans decided to start a frozen yogurt company and the imitators are following suit. More choices for me and you!

So, here is my intake about this place. Starberry sounds so much like Pinkberry and taste so much like it too. Run by Koreans too, just like Red Mango with these nutty Koreans going nut so over fruity name. Love the imitation (and so typically Korean), but out of the three I prefer Red Mango but since RM is nowhere to be found in Sunnyside unless I go to Flushing, I can be somewhat be content with this one.

As I've mentioned Starberry tastes like Pinkberry which tends to be on the tarty side. It hits your mouth with a cold icy sour taste that can give you more jolt than a cup of coffee. RM has more of a "cleaner" taste per my friend (I can't get all the credit) but the texture is creamier.

The price is bit ridiculous. Large cost $5.69 including tax! Topping was $2.00. Are they nuts? Do they think they are in Manhattan? The beauty of being in 4 other boroughs of NYC is to have good things in less outrageous price! The baked goods were any better with the prices. I may take a trip to Flushing to some shopping and fill myself with Asian bakery. (Have you tried Paris Baguette? Don't get me started. It taste better than the ones in Korea.)

So we made our own topping with chocolate bunny - sorry bunny - and saved myself some money. Ha.

My friend and I had a craving and I completely forgotten my camera to take some pictures of the place. But never fear, I plan to visit this place again and will take pictures of the interior for your viewing pleasure.

I need to try their bubble tea and the gelato but I have no inclination to trying the baked goods.

I think I am all over the place with today's blog. It may be because I just had it and the jolt is causing me to go off course. Who knows. Oh for fun, I am trying to think of many compound berries words as possible and maybe get a copyright!

Tinkleberry (from my friend while in the bathroom)

Any more???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Winter52 - Thank you and I will try to keep the photos coming.

Bryan - Unfortunately, DD can be weak based on which DD you go to. I have not found anything in the neighborhood yet - there's a cafe that I will eventually try and provide a full report. In any case, if you want a kick in the butt, Gorilla Coffee will be the one! Why? It's yummy AND this is only one coffee that can keep me awake but they are in Brooklyn. They do deliver if you order and I recall seeing their beans in Whole Foods. I recommend it.

I also enjoy Grey Dog's Coffee located in the Village. The cafe has great food too - including breakfast! Yummy! Hope this helps!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alpha Donuts and Baruir’s coffee

Alpha Donuts
45-16 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY 11104

Alpha Donuts is another rage of the neighborhood and just like Baruir, it sustained the same old style look inside and out. The tables are bar table shaped like a wave and takes me back somewhere in my memory to a place I have eaten before when I was a teenager.

My mission was to taste the donut instead of the food. I asked for a French curller and I was a little shocked that it cost $1.50. $1.50 for a donut? It better be good. I had their donuts before,  the old fashion donuts, and that was good but nothing spectacular. French curller I thought was nothing special either but I will definitely choose it over Dunkin Donut.

Baruir’s coffee
40-07 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY 11104

I am not a coffee connoisseur but those who know me know that I am a fan of coffee. I have heard about Baruir’s through various websites with high recommendation. Thus it should not be a surprise that I went in search for it.

The outside seems outdated but the florist next door makes up for it. I love the inside.
It’s simple and nothing fancy. It has been around a long time and has the confidence, patience, and comfort.

My intention was to grab a cup when I walked in, but it wasn’t a cafĂ©. It’s a shop for coffee. They have the roaster right by the door and they were roasting as I walked in. Coffee aroma has such an effect. The lady was kind enough to allow me to take some pictures and except for the walls, I wouldn’t change anything. A gentleman chimed in when he saw my camera about how splendid this place is and it’s the neighborhood favorite.

I asked the woman to get me a strong coffee and sorry, I forgot the name of it. As soon as I got home, I washed my coffee pot with vinegar so that I can taste the coffee without any interference with my other coffee that I’ve used. The result, it was strong but not heavy and I thoroughly enjoyed the brew.

Gorilla coffee is my favorite (and I savor as a reward) because of its strength but I have to say it has a heavy taste that sometimes can be overwhelming. I usually buy DD’s coffee for my usual morning joe but I think I will be making a switch.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Second First Impression

Sunnyside is sectioned off to North and South by the 7 train on Queens Blvd and they have different feel to them. North side seems quieter, cleaner, and prettier and possesses a sense of welcome home feel partly due to Sunnyside Garden Community that began construction in 1924. However, it is really about perspective and where your cultural background gravitates as well.

This morning, I decided instead of running, I was going to walk around the three main roads of Sunnyside and take some photos: Skillman Avenue, Queens Blvd., and Greenpoint.

Skillman Avenue:

I will take more pictures when the trees are not so bare. However still the streets and the trees are esthetically pleasing and wells you up with pretty thoughts.

I did overdo it with the photos so I will try to keep myself in check next time. (I am trying to figure out this layout thing so if they are out of whack, you know why.)

Queens Blvd.:
One can either say the 7 track is an eye sore, or it has its charms. What I don't like about Queens Blvd is seeing the typical branches you see everywhere and the lost of its identity because of them, like Starbucks, T-mobil, Burger King and etc. However, there are some need for them and in addition, there are way more local stores like the 99 cents stores - I love - and never lacking of (Irish) bars.

Greenpoint Avenue - The South of Sunnyside.

I have chosen the more residential places specifically because I felt I was being bit too bias about the south.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is bit hard to start this blog without introducing myself a little and the rationale behind this blog so, here it is: 
I moved to Sunnyside, Queens New York in mid-March 2009 and am pleased to discover it has transformed into a quaint and charming character. The Sunnyside I remember is quite different - Hence my brother, "You're moving to Sunnyside? Why? It's dangerous there!"  

A friend triggered the idea about writing a blog of my adventure in Sunnyside because I complained that (although is awesome) a lot of the information on the web are not updated and I find myself feeling bit disconnected with the time. Thus, I am now on the mode of "not waiting for someone to do it, but to do it myself". 

This will not be about my personal life, I feel too exposed with too many (trendy) social networking sites anyways. I am, therefore, shooting for less narcissistic approach and I hope you will find this blog useful, informative, and entertaining. 

** Picture is actually taken in Vancouver - and will soon be replaced with a somewhere in Sunnyside. **