Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Second First Impression

Sunnyside is sectioned off to North and South by the 7 train on Queens Blvd and they have different feel to them. North side seems quieter, cleaner, and prettier and possesses a sense of welcome home feel partly due to Sunnyside Garden Community that began construction in 1924. However, it is really about perspective and where your cultural background gravitates as well.

This morning, I decided instead of running, I was going to walk around the three main roads of Sunnyside and take some photos: Skillman Avenue, Queens Blvd., and Greenpoint.

Skillman Avenue:

I will take more pictures when the trees are not so bare. However still the streets and the trees are esthetically pleasing and wells you up with pretty thoughts.

I did overdo it with the photos so I will try to keep myself in check next time. (I am trying to figure out this layout thing so if they are out of whack, you know why.)

Queens Blvd.:
One can either say the 7 track is an eye sore, or it has its charms. What I don't like about Queens Blvd is seeing the typical branches you see everywhere and the lost of its identity because of them, like Starbucks, T-mobil, Burger King and etc. However, there are some need for them and in addition, there are way more local stores like the 99 cents stores - I love - and never lacking of (Irish) bars.

Greenpoint Avenue - The South of Sunnyside.

I have chosen the more residential places specifically because I felt I was being bit too bias about the south.


  1. Okay, I for one really enjoyed your photos. It reminds me that spring really is coming and where I am at the moment, we need all the reminding that we can get lol...

  2. Great Post!! Love the visuals!!