Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is bit hard to start this blog without introducing myself a little and the rationale behind this blog so, here it is: 
I moved to Sunnyside, Queens New York in mid-March 2009 and am pleased to discover it has transformed into a quaint and charming character. The Sunnyside I remember is quite different - Hence my brother, "You're moving to Sunnyside? Why? It's dangerous there!"  

A friend triggered the idea about writing a blog of my adventure in Sunnyside because I complained that (although is awesome) a lot of the information on the web are not updated and I find myself feeling bit disconnected with the time. Thus, I am now on the mode of "not waiting for someone to do it, but to do it myself". 

This will not be about my personal life, I feel too exposed with too many (trendy) social networking sites anyways. I am, therefore, shooting for less narcissistic approach and I hope you will find this blog useful, informative, and entertaining. 

** Picture is actually taken in Vancouver - and will soon be replaced with a somewhere in Sunnyside. **

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  1. Keep them coming. I want to know more about Sunnyside!